Get behind the idea

SUNDAY Politics was in Hartlepool recently.

They talked about the loss of the wind turbine contract and it reminded me of a letter I had printed in the Mail.

My point at the time was that the loss of the £500m development in Greenland Road was a disaster and that wind turbine jobs would not be the answer to Hartlepool’s unemployment and status as a place to visit.

The question is why we lost the Greenland Road development.

At the time Hartlepool Borough Council was spending vast sums of our money promoting Greenland Road in newspapers, on forums, etc.

Behind the scenes discussions were going on with the then P D Ports as to what was to be built on the site.

The council was saying school, a new swimming centre, shops, cafés, homes, restaurants, all around a water-based area.

The model was a sight to see.

A bridge was to be built over to the Headland linking the two sites.

So why did it fail, now along with wind turbine jobs?

We have now lost all investment and wind turbines is still not the answer.

Greenland Road and the marina area is still the best answer to Hartlepool’s standing and fortunes in the coming years.

We need to re-engage with the new owners of the port and the new Enterprise Area to kick start a renewed effort to develop Greenland Road for the town.

It has potential to bring thousands of new jobs in development, construction and retail, as well as long-term jobs in services to it.

A new team from local business, enterprise and the council, with members from all political and non-political councillors, should be set up to press for talks to re-open as soon as possible, making sure that all parties have equal share in both wish lists and development ideas.

I urge the council, councillors, the Mayor and MP to get behind the idea for Greenland Road development for the town and its future.

John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,