Get out there and walk

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A brisk walk can give us an extra seven years, as shown in research presented recently at the European Society for Cardiology congress in London.

The link between exercise and health has been well established.

However this new research is the first to look at the body’s cells, with researchers finding that exercise protects them.

Here at Living Streets we think it’s incredibly important that walking is made easier for people.

It’s good, not only for our health but also for the environment and local economies.

More of us still need to introduce activity into our day.

Walking is an easy, cheap and accessible way to start.

Walking for just 25 minutes a day was found to have a positive impact on life expectancy.

We all lead busy lives but walking can be slotted into the school run, the journey to work or a trip to the shops.

Tompion Platt,

Head of Policy and Research,

Living Streets,

Wentworth Street,