Give me Capp every time

BUDDY Lee’s letter (Mail, April 11) struck a chord with me because I was chairman of the board that put in place Andy Capp on the Headland (pictured).

As much as I like Buddy and his open opinions, and his unflawed opinion of Hartlepool Borough Council and the way it is run, corporately and politically, and because Victor Tumilty is a good friend and was a good councillor, I have to disagree with him about Andy Capp.

In the paper with Buddy’s letter is Andy, the revenge of Flo I would call it.

Still how it is still appropriate today.

Andy was talked about a lot and there was a lot of consultation and I know all about how bad that is in Hartlepool, believe me.

However it was a “for” vote so Andy was made and Reg would be very proud I think.

I would much rather have him than the mayor.

What we do come voting day is what is always done in Hartlepool.

Two thirds of voters will stay at home and the rest will vote the same way as they have always done.

Mr Mayor two-jobs will pick a new cabinet from the same old faces, whether they are capable or not of doing it.

They will say yes to every report put in front of them, good or bad.

And Hartlepool will become more and more a commuter town through lack of vision.

After that, give me Andy Capp every time Buddy.

Anyway, Andy is looking over to the civic with fond memories of all the friends he had in past councillors.

Meeting over, chairman’s chamber for a nightcap then.

Your round Buddy.

(Soon to be ex) Councillor John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,