Give public sincere facts

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Now that the EU referendum date is becoming alarmingly close, it is noted by television and newspapers the strengths of either party.

Certain daily journals have positive leanings towards the “stay in” faction.

Others vehemently favour the “get out” brigade.

The BBC appears, in my view, to have a one-sided bias towards the “stay in” group which I consider unjust.

The only way for a true and honest contest is to provide the voting public with pure, sincere facts instead of scare-mongering diatribes.

I believe that doom and gloom prophesies are becoming increasingly prevalent in the alarmist “stay in” party.

Being quite an elderly person, I do not wish to witness the future state of this beautiful, sophisticated and well-ordered nation of ours decline into a third world country, governed by foreigners.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,