Giving us a laugh

HOW many clowns run Hartlepool Borough Council?

We pay a few pounds to see a group of clowns at the circus.

But our own clowns, who we don’t see, cost taxpayers thousands with a brain-wave of £1.5m for a derelict building nobody wants.

What is the next great idea? To buy the Odeon, which has stood longer?

We hear ‘for the good of Hartlepool.’

We have seen the good of Hartlepool.

Libraries closed and land sold off, but no mention of money that was made by the council.

At the end of the day the councillors’ reply will be ‘don’t worry, it’s only taxpayers’ money.’

So my reply is why don’t you dress up as clowns and give children a laugh?

Like you have given the people of Hartlepool.

B Tumilty,

Middleton Road,