Glad to see it go

I AM a Dial a Ride user and read with interest the story about the lady that will be stuck in Albany Court when the service is withdrawn (Mail, January 27).

What wasn’t mentioned was that the users of Dial a Ride have not been given any information about the end of the service to my knowledge and have not been consulted.

The only news we get is from other users and the drivers.

With the service nearly at an end do you not think it is time that Hartlepool Borough Council told us it is finishing?

I, along with other users, have given the council some other ideas but don’t seem to get a response.

And what a lot of readers will not realise is that Dial a Ride is more than a cheap taxi service (although we have told them we are willing to pay more).

Drivers help people get out of their homes.

I mean they physically help them get out (even though they are not supposed too).

They make sure people get into the building they are going to.

I don’t think taxi drivers will do this. They are too busy.

Drivers have become more than just a driver.

They have become friends to the users knowing all our little ways.

I for one will miss all the drivers and their great service.

I do, however, believe that the council made a big mistake taking Dial a Ride in-house and I think, for this reason, they will be glad to see it go.

I just wish they would tell the users it is going. After all it’s too late now to ask our opinion.

Sheila Coulson,

Laurel Gardens,