Harman has the choice

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The Labour leadership election is taking on the character of an Ealing comedy.

The mischief was caused by an abandonment of a long-time rule which prevented new members from voting in selection contests until they’d been a member for a year.

If Labour brings back the rule that people have to be a member for a year before they can vote in this election all the problems go away.

Harriet Harman is acting leader.

Can she take the decision to stay on another year and re-run the election in 12 months’ time?

She has, let’s face it, boxed David Cameron’s ears at every Prime Minister’s Questions since she took over as acting leader.

The party and the affiliated organisations have just successfully gathered in a fortune in new membership subscriptions and valuable potential fresh new member data.

Does Ms Harman want to leave the leadership with the party in a stronger or a weaker position than when she took over?

The choice is hers.

Nigel F Boddy,

Fife Road,