Spend money in Hartlepool

In the article by Peter Tennick (Mail, July 30) I note that Alan Foster is again looking to secure £50m to upgrade existing facilities at the University Hospital of North Tees.

Surely some of this money could be spent at the University Hospital of Hartlepool, which is a sound building, unlike parts of North Tees, and therefore provide some of the services over our way.

Unfortunately the concrete of North Tees is coming to the end of its life, whereas the brick-built hospital at Hartlepool is still a good building.

If we are dependent upon the Government giving us the money for the “new hospital”, I do not expect it to be built at all.

This country hasn’t the money at the moment when the NHS is bursting at the seams!

Perhaps if we got rid of some of the management, we could save some money towards improving both our hospitals.

Another point that I would like to raise is the food in all our hospitals.

Many of the present attendees claim to find it dreadful and inedible.

The last time this was brought up, it was stated in the Mail that they tried to give nutritious food.

It is my belief that this food is not freshly cooked on site, but brought in from Wales.

If this is the case, then surely it would be better for food to be prepared on every site to tempt them to eat properly, and thus help patients get better sooner and so free beds?

It has been stated that one in six meals are thrown away.

We must have some very healthy fat pigs in our area.

S. Dobbie,