Hearts won

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The George Colley Choir, December 7, Headland Baptist Church.

The sea subsided and the winds settled down,

The waves ceased to thunder and blunder around.

Sea birds settled with heads on their chests,

And the sun slowly melted into the west.

Fishermen ceased hauling crab pots and nets,

Sat on their gunwales for a well-earned rest.

The engine idling, the boat drifting along,

Listening spellbound to a choir in full song.

The contraltos combined with sopranos,

And the bass with baritone and tenors.

All gently stirred by the conductor’s baton,

Then delivered to all as a sound of one.

Voices and music swelled over the bay,

Grey seals applauded in an acrobatic display.

Guillemots ceased diving and just circled around,

All under the spell of a melodious sound.

Exquisite timing matched the musical score,

Controlled vocal power gave a sense of rapport.

The audience loved being an integral part,

For the choir and the music had won their heart.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,