Help me to get back in touch

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I’m hoping to find and make contact with Tom and Val Stewart again.

Thomas William Stewart was born in 1946, and his wife Valerie Minton, in 1945, both of Hartlepool.

They married at a ceremony on the December 26, 1966, in Hartlepool, which my future wife and I attended.

Thomas and I met because we both were in the Army (Royal Engineers).

We both took leave from Singapore over the Christmas period of 1966/7 and returned to the UK for one month.

I was born and lived in Cheltenham at this time.

He was my best man, and his wife was chief bridesmaid at my marriage, which took place at RAF Seletar, which is in Singapore, in June 1967.

As far as I can remember, they emigrated to Perth, Australia, between April and June 1970, on a two to three-year contract.

I’m afraid I can’t remember the occupation Tom was going to do.

I believe both Tom and Valerie’s families went to Australia at some point to visit, and some stayed permanently.

When his contract finished, Tom and Valerie went to Adelaide, he went there to work at a girls’ school and later a photograph shop, I think.

While at Adelaide they had, I think, two children, maybe three.

I lost contact around the early 1980s, and would like to have contact again.

It will be their golden wedding anniversary in 2016, and it’s ours in 2017.

Also if it’s possible to meet, even if I have to go to Australia.

I’ve attached a photograph of their wedding with most of the family.

Hopefully someone might know or recognise themselves.

John Clark,

51 Bradstock Road,

Kings Norton,


B30 3RU