Helps is at hand

NEW Year is the time we traditionally re-evaluate our lives, perhaps by resolving to be healthier.

Deafness Research UK would like to ask readers to spare a thought for their hearing health in 2013.

The stigma associated with deafness means many of us are too embarrassed to admit we cannot hear as well as we used to be able to.

This is a tragedy because, while there is currently no cure for deafness, if diagnosed early enough, there is much that can be done to combat hearing loss.

Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss is not just an old person’s problem, and while many younger people fear hearing aids, modern digital versions are a far cry from the old analogue devices.

They are small, discreet and boast the latest technology.

The first step to healthier hearing is to recognise you have a problem and do something about it.

Deafness Research UK’s free leaflet, Just Diagnosed with Hearing Loss?, explains in simple language what your options are once you have resolved to do something about deafness.

It is aimed at people who may be embarrassed about seeking help or may want to be sure of the facts before speaking to their GP.

For those who want more help, our website,, has a wealth of information on hearing health.

You can also call our advisory service on freephone 0808 8082222 or email for a copy of the leaflet.

Vivienne Michael,

Chief Executive,

Deafness Research UK.