How dare they

WE were among the people affected when sponsors’ lorries were parked, blocking our view of the Olympic Torch Relay at Hartlepool Maritime Experience.

I am more annoyed by the statement that you quote from Hartlepool Borough Council than by the initial event.

What do they mean by we “had ample time to relocate”?

In practice we had less than five minutes at a time when all the accessible viewing spaces were occupied, and after we had waited for an hour.

If the parking of the vans was as planned why was the area between them and the Maritime Experience clearly marked out as a viewing area with barricades for us to stand behind?

If the vans were not parked in the area that was planned for them and had to be relocated then why were they parked in front of us?

They could have parked 100 yards down the road past the Maritime Experience.

How far in advance did “someone” know that they were going to have to park the vans in front of the crowd?

I’d bet it was more than five minutes.

So how dare the council spokesman fail to apologise for the council’s (or someone else’s) mistake and suggest we could have done something different.

Allan D Barnes,

High Street,