Investment in players is needed

I FELT compelled to write after reading the recent letters reference Hartlepool United Football Club (HUFC)/IOR and the current state of affairs at the club.

I will state from the beginning that I am a long-distance supporter who was introduced to the club by my best friend and a very long-time season ticket holder.

I always try to time my frequent visits to coincide with home games which I have (mostly) enjoyed.

I have grown to love the club and the area and really want HUFC to survive.

The supporters have accepted a distant supporter from the “south”.

Now, to the point of my letter, with all due respect to board they should all know how business works.

You invest in the company, produce the products or fulfil the contract and receive payment.

Now if your resource (people or machines) starts to not be so efficient, the business stagnates and struggles for a few years not, going forwards or backwards, then the effects of lack of investment starts to show and the company moves very quickly downwards.

To stop this happening, money would need to be invested in new resource.

Now the team have been stagnant and not improved for a few years and this season are moving downwards, it is crying out for investment in players to try to save the season.

We all realise that football clubs are not money-making machines and any investment in the right players is long term.

But if that club is to succeed and eventually pay its running cost then investment in players is needed now, as the present squad have served the club well over the years but now have passed their best-before date and the youngsters need to gain experience playing alongside players with quality.

I only hope that IOR continue to support this club financially and with a long-term plan to move HUFC forward.

Alan Apps,

Pine Avenue,


East Sussex.