Invitation to go to church

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If you like old architecture,

Why not visit St Oswald’s Church?

People there will answer any questions,

And not leave you in the lurch.

It is a lovely building

That has stood for over 100 years.

And the vicar is so friendly,

And for everyone he cares.

Why not come on a Sunday,

At 9.30am for the mass.

And when you take part,

How the time does pass.

Father Graeme is very funny,

And has a kind word for everyone.

He is very approachable,

And will welcome you along.

The church is on Brougham Terrace,

In the Dyke House area of Hartlepool,

Many people pass it

As they take their children to school.

Why not pop in on a Sunday,

To see what it is all about?

And the friendliness of the congregation

Will leave you in no doubt.

Everyone is welcome

To come along when you can.

This invitation is open

To every woman, child and man.

Alan Barnett,

The Copse,