Is it time for a debate on free movement of labour?

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There has been a great Labour leadership debate over the last few months about how we should run Britain in the future.

Should we replace Trident, for instance, with another submarine missile system bought from the US?

Or should we spend the money on conventional weapons and troops instead?

Should we have nuclear bombers? Should we reflate the economy by printing money?

But one discussion we don’t seem to have had is how do we stop wages falling?

How do we prevent foreign workers and the self-employed being paid less than a minimum wage?

How do we run a welfare state and an NHS free at the point of delivery when we have open borders and the free movement of EU citizens?

Stopping people’s benefits until they’ve been here a while makes most of these things worse.

In Paris I saw a mother with three young children living in a bus shelter by the side of the road.

Is it time now for a debate about ending the free movement of labour?

Nigel F Boddy,

Fife Road,