It’s time for a little Respect

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What is happening to the Duke Street/Mulgrave Road area?

Recently we’ve had a violent knife attack, people selling drugs, someone homeless settling down for the night at the bottom of Stephen Street, and drunks sitting for hours on the pavement.

It used to be a decent area to live in, but every year it gets a little worse.

So many shops selling alcohol in a small vicinity isn’t helping either.

They don’t just attract social drinkers, but also drunks – even in the daytime – often in groups.

They can be loud, and sometimes aggressive.

It’s very intimidating for the elderly and vulnerable who have to walk near them.

Maybe the Respect Your Neighbourhood campaign (Mail, February 11) should look at this area next.

Although I suspect that no one is interested in what happens outside of “normal office hours’”

Name and address supplied.