It’s your choice

EEE, it makes me laugh when another mayor who doesn’t even know Hartlepool writes in to the Mail letters page in support of the mayoral system.

It’s surely amazing how all the mayors come out of the woodwork when a referendum comes around.

“Let’s all stick together” comes the cry.

If the public have any sense at all, on November 15, they will vote a resounding no and get this debt-ridden town back on track.

Sixty-plus thousand pounds per annum to keep “Two Jobs” Drummond in office, given his record is, in my view, absolute folly and a total waste of money.

The committee system is the only way forward as it is the most democratic system.

However if the public want to waste money then I would say vote Drummond back into office.

It’s your choice.

I will be without question voting against the mayoral system as, in my opinion, it will only lead to increase debt and no democracy.

Geoff Hare,

Kingsley Avenue,