Judges went ‘Eurovision’

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My reaction to the report (Mail, August 18) on Savannah Marshall’s fight was a mixture of disbelief and annoyance.

For example the report said: “It was a close fight, but Marshall was certainly not robbed – indeed she was soundly beaten ...”

Close fight? Soundly beaten?

Really? How does that work?

As for the “she was certainly not robbed,” the reaction by ringside pundits, and plenty others, to the first round not being split was the early warning of the judging joys to follow.

Savannah (pictured at the Rio Olympics) clearly won the second and fourth rounds.

However the judges went all “Eurovision” and scored otherwise.

The fact is, in general, the judging at Rio has been frustratingly questionable.

Conlan and Russell were not the only ones to be given wrong decisions.

However, what is done will not be undone.

Meanwhile Savannah Marshall remains a dignified, dedicated talent, and is a credit to Hartlepool.

Keep going Savannah, and best of luck for the future.

Sam Mosley,

Wainwright Walk,

Seaton Carew.