Jump on the bang wagon

HAVING been a season ticket holder for the past 30 years and also an avid supporter for 12 years before that, I cannot believe this great offer of £100 for a season ticket from Hartlepool United, which averages at £4.30 per game.

Where can you go and watch league football for this amazing offer?

It’s brilliant.

I know paying £100 up front might be a lot for some, but we were paying £10 or £20 a game for concessions anyhow.

Come on all the supporters who turned up for the Cardiff final. This is all we need for you to come and support the team that you must be proud of.

Please jump on the bandwagon again and remember that the supporters are our 12th man on the team.

We only need a third of you to sign up for this offer and we will be there with the number required for this deal.

I think that we should be grateful for having a football league club team to represent our town as it puts us on the map.

Also, I don’t have the same passion watching the Premiership sides playing.

In fact I think there is more commitment from our team players.

Also we have a man at the helm who reads the game and needs a lot more support from us all.

The club has come on a lot in the last few years thanks to IOR and all the staff.

We have better facilities all round, including the catering and bar outlets.

All we need is a couple of patio heaters and we would be sorted (no more wooden cabins and filthy toilets).

So come on supporters, get down and sign up and help us get that magic ticket target of 4,000.

You know it makes sense.

Kath Sterling,

True Pools supporter,

Chichester Close,