Labour bites back at UKIP

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I would like to address the comments (Mail, October 4) made by Chris Gallacher, Chairman for UKIP Redcar, without resorting to the petty politics of his statements.

He writes, with some amusement, that Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as leader of the Labour Party and refers to the media appearances that supposedly made this re-election possible.

Jeremy Corbyn received very little positive publicity from the media during his campaign period as the majority of the media vehemently opposed him and all he stood for.

Yet, even with this effective media blackout, he attracted supporters by the hundreds of thousands, a feat that UKIP would give its all to achieve.

Despite the in-fighting that took place, and the mutinous 172, it was clear that a massive majority of the public supported this man and what he represented.

The Labour Party increased its membership by more than the entire UKIP existing membership in 2015, when Jeremy Corbyn first came to power, and increased it again when he was re-elected.

The Labour Party now stands at well over 500,000 supporters, making it the biggest socialist party in Europe, against an ongoing reducing membership of UKIP.

The criticism of Labour is ironic from a party that has lost its reason to exist and has not even held onto its elected leader for more than 18 days.

A party now rudderless and pointless in its existence for all to see and wonder at.

Councillor Dave Hunter,

Burn Valley Ward,