Labour created the debt

THE current cuts are indeed hurting and may even get worse but it must be remembered that the financial problems are worldwide.

We export most of our goods to Europe and those exports are being badly affected by the problems with the European currency.

Mr McClure’s recent letter (Mail, October 17) encourages us to vote Labour at the next election as “they look after the working class”

But he, and others, should not forget that, the banks notwithstanding, it was a profligate Labour Government that created the debt that we now have.

Their open-door immigration policy has created a great strain on all of our services and has restricted employment for British workers.

Also, it was Gordon Brown who removed the 10 per cent Income Tax rate which immediately doubled the tax of the lowest paid workers and devastated their retirement hopes when he removed tax relief from pension funds.

So the claim that Labour look after the working classes is a bit rich (if you’ll pardon the pun!).

Mr McClure also criticises the millionaires of the Tory Party but forgets, in my opinion, that many of the Labour hierarchy, ie Blair, Brown, the Milibands, Harman, Balls, Cooper, has never driven a bus or a taxi, worked in a shop or on shifts in a factory or had to make ends meet while unemployed.

And wasn’t it Peter Mandelson who said that he was “very relaxed” about people being multi-millionaires?

The socialists in the upper echelon of the Labour Party are no different from the rich Tories, because they are “champagne socialists” who enjoy a life of wealth and privilege that we on the bottom rung will never know.

Who can forget the likes of Neil Kinnock and John Prescott sneering and sniping at those with inherited wealth or the aristocracy with their titles and then, when the first opportunity arises, what happens?

Both are now Lords and both are wealthy and will continue to qualify for the allowance of £300 per day for attending a sitting, which is not taxed by the way.

Labour introduced the Human Rights Act, which is responsible for us having to support foreign criminals who should be deported, and this stretches not only our finances but our imaginations.

And don’t even mention political correctness!

At least the Tories try to put the country first, unlike Labour who as I see it want power for power’s sake.

Labour flooded the market with immigrants in an attempt at creating a one-party totalitarian state.

Elections would take place, of course, to show the world that we were a democracy but the results would always be a foregone conclusion.

Politicians of all parties will always tell you what you want to hear to gain your vote.

But it’s up to the individual to weigh up the pros and cons at election time and vote with their conscience.

And just because you’re working class doesn’t mean that you have to vote Labour if you are not happy with their policies.

Unfortunately a lot of people feel that they have to!

Bill Burchell,

Loyalty Close,