Lack of common sense

I HERE refer to the very extraordinary meeting which wasn’t held on September 8.

We, in the public gallery and the Hartlepool Borough Councillors who voted to adjourn, were told direct from the chairman that there were 200 people still outside and thereby most people accepted that a total gallery of 260 could not be accommodated in that particular set-out of the chamber.

However, I here confirm that by bad luck our Jean Basey and her chair-pusher were numbers 60 and 61 and effectively her (essential) pusher was to be excluded and thereby Jean too.

The two lovely women sat to my immediate left volunteered their seats (for which they had come very early) and left the chamber in order that Jean could be admitted.

Jean being in her wheelchair, the two seats to my left remained empty throughout.

In my opinion there was an overkill vigorous jobsworth present somewhere and a total lack of common sense.

The excludees’ number was later confirmed by the police as being the 60, as reported in the Hartlepool Mail, and I simply cannot accept that another three rows of seats could not have been found with a little application of good will.

The “dangerous/throwable” loose seats scenario is so invalid as to be laughable and the fodder subject matter for the fiction shelves of our library.

If the risk assessment which identified this as a threat was relevant and insurmountable then many, many political meetings will now be forced to adjourn indefinitely.

Wherever is the new meeting venue, I do hope that every seat will be a permanent fixture therein, otherwise a ridiculously “delaying circle” will be completed successfully.

Keith Fisher,


Save Our Hospital (Hartlepool).