Lacking in sensitivity

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Over the last few years I have noticed that the Heugh Gun Battery Trust has put a number of schemes out to the public, through the Hartlepool Mail.

This has been in an effort to raise funds to keep the trust in operation.

The “adopt a tank or gun for a year” style scheme springs to mind.

I have no problems with those suggestions as money does not grow on trees.

However, officials of the trust are to auction to the highest bidder the coveted position of firing a field gun (Mail, December 5) on the commencement or ending of the service at Redheugh Gardens on December 16.

I can’t speak for anyone else.

However, such a significant act, in my opinion, should not be sold to the highest bidder but offered to someone who has strong personal links with the bombardment.

It should not to be a money-making exercise.

Had that been the case, the trust would have accumulated better publicity, in my view, and bonus points to show that, while funds will always be needed, a sensitive and caring presentation will win the day.

I believe it goes against the grain of what the service should be about.

I do believe Hartlepool Borough Council, the Big Lottery Fund and others have contributed to the forming and continued running of the Battery, with grants and cash support, not to mention public involvement.

Surely the trust should not be short of cash to such a level that it has to auction off the firing of a gun at a very special and sombre event, even 100 years on.

It is, as far as I am concerned, nothing more nor less than presenting a shoddy publicity stunt to give someone the tale to tell that they pulled the trigger for cash.

Sorry, it’s a misfire, a dud, lacking sensitivity in every way.

R P Bantoft,

Burwell Walk,