Laser pens banned in this country

JUST a few lines on the mis-use of laser pens by a gang of idiots at Blackhall Rocks.

They think it’s funny shining them through pensioners’ windows.

All you get off them is foul language and cans thrown at you.

The police have been informed and so too have council officials, but it still carries on.

I’ve been told their families are bringing these lasers back from their holidays.

I hope they know it’s against the law to use them.

They are banned in this country.

In the wrong hands they are weapons, a danger to the eyesight.

I have been told a few names of the ones responsible.

If they don’t put a stop to it a visit will be made to their homes.

I hope they know they can be evicted from their homes if it does not stop.

It’s the law now, so be warned.

B Coles,

Pine Grove,