Last not first to leave EU?

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The Union flag, as opposed to the EU blue rag, is now being flown on Italian beaches as that country begins to mutiny against rule from Brussels.

Anti EU feeling in the country has increased massively after we showed it can be done.

Daily, more nations realise the disaster which is being forced on them by the EU.

Now I believe around half the states are either demanding, or considering, an in/out referendum on membership.

It should also be taken into account that this autumn sees nine major elections around the EU.

This includes Germany on September 4, where the ruling party, led by Angela Merkel, has never been more unpopular, while anti EU parties are very much on the rise.

A few are, unfortunately, extreme parties but most are composed of moderate patriots in the fashion of our own UKIP.

Whatever way you look at it, the EU is a spent force.

Meanwhile, economics expert Patrick Minford has advised Mrs May to trigger Article 50 as soon as possible.

He said that it could lead to a growth of around four per cent in economic output and a boost in living standards, an area where one per cent or two per cent is considered good.

So again we have to ask why our Prime Minister is delaying the inevitable departure?

She has her orders from the UK electorate and in a democracy that is enough.

Only in a dictatorship would the leaders override a mandate from the people.

Is Mrs May a dictator then?

Unless she triggers the article soon it would appear to be a fair question.

Given her current progress in that direction, and what is going on around the rest of the EU, it’s beginning to look as if the UK might be the last, not the first, country to leave!

Councillor Bob Buchan,


Fens and Rossmere ward,

Hartlepool Borough Council,

Victoria Road,