Let this prove to be catalyst

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Wonderful news to hear that KLM has extended its tenure of flying out of Tees Valley Airport.

Which is a great fill up to those, like myself, that wish to see the expansion of the airport.

We need that to happen if we want our area to expand employment prospects and attract more businesses into the region.

We sit in the middle of two expanding airports with Newcastle and Leeds Bradford, and an emerging Doncaster.

The air transport industry is vital to underpin the needs of industry to operate in a global economy both for travel and cargo.

Much of the high value cargo now moves by air and we should be taking advantage of the space and opportunity available at Tees Valley, rather than nibbling away at the structural space for housing.

Housing is not the primary function of this air hub and should not impinge on expansion and development.

Housing is flying up all over the area.

The land at the airport is better used for commercial development and will be, in the long term, financially and economically more productive.

This new endorsement from KLM should be the catalyst to attract more users and provide more destinations year round for the residents of the Tees Valley.

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


UKIP Redcar,

Normanby Road,