LETTER: A Necklace of Gold

A NECKLACE of daffodils at High Throston,

Just nestling due east of Hart mill.

In spring they chase the winter away,

Then dance with the breeze on the hill.

In the morning they look to the sunrise,

And lift up their large golden crowns.

Then follow the sun from east to west,

Laughing and frolicking until it sets down.

They reach out their hands to each other,

And form their long golden chain;

Holding and dancing, shaking their heads,

Telling the world spring is here once again.

They wave to the cars on the highway,

Saying cheerio as they hurry away.

Wishing them a safe, pleasant journey,

Saying please come home at the end of the day.

They spread golden joy and wild happiness,

Adding warmth and moisture all around.

And when mother earth is bursting with new life,

They slowly return to their beds in the ground.