LETTER: Action will solve problems, not talk

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MY every-day reading of the leading daily journals has now reached an all-time low.

A gradual erosion of a morning’s enjoyment with breakfast.

As an old pensioner I have witnessed first-hand the Second World War years, and served my king and country.

From then on I have observed various governments seemingly attempt to lead our country back to prosperity.

The results disastrous.

Our steel-making industry, car and motorcycle manufacturing, coal-mining, ship-building and fishing are but a few of the major prosperous industries now defunct.

Caused mainly by bad, weak management, militant and powerful unions, and complacent leadership from our elected Parliament.

At this present time our country is in disorder, our present Government-elect ineffective, having been superseded by Brussels and the EU’s imposed laws.

Our country is being over-run by slack immigration control, border police hopelessly under-manned.

Yet after a considerable time no meaningful solutions have been put into practice.

The consequence of this state of affairs is that the indigenous population of Britain is very angry that such a situation should arise.

Disturbing, in many areas, their very way of life.

We did not vote for this, they cry.

Our Prime Minister is a very good orator, the best among the pack.

However talk does not solve problems, only action does.

He should listen to or read into some of our prominent political journalists, who have more intellectual understanding and solutions to the problems than his members sitting comfortably in Parliament, keeping their heads down.

I thankfully will not witness the future, but still have my memories of a once elegant and civilised country.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,