LETTER: Back the Mail campaign to ‘Bring Them Back’

The University Hospital of Hartlepool
The University Hospital of Hartlepool

I WOULD like to congratulate the Hartlepool Mail, and say how delighted I was to read Monday night’s headlines “Bring Them Back” as the Hartlepool Mail launches its campaign to restore health services to Hartlepool where they belong.

I have written many letters to the Hartlepool Mail on this subject and as a retired nurse who used to work in the front line on coronary care, cannot empathise how strongly I support the Hartlepool Mail’s campaign.

It is not up to Mr Alan Foster whether services are restored to Hartlepool, it is up to central government.

The fact that much to my delight they have shelved the plans for the “pink elephant” hospital at Wynyard proves that they don’t think it is a viable proposition.

I totally concur with Mr Iain Wright that last Thursday, when the new hospital plans were shelved, was a hugely significant day for the town and people of Hartlepool, due to the fact that, after two decades of uncertainty, a definite an final decision has been made to scrap the new hospital.

North Tees is totally unsuitable, and as I have mentioned in previous letters, patient lives have been lost due to the length of time it takes to transport them 14 miles down the road.

Centralisation is also not an option because the location is totally unsuitable for the people of Hartlepool due to the issues surrounding transportation and lack of adequate resources.

I, like Mr Wright, have never believed that.

Centralisation of services at North Tees was not an option, for one thing it is difficult to get to and secondly it is an older hospital than Hartlepool which is certainly the better option.

Also last Thursday, NHS England issued a five-year futuristic view of an assessment of health service provision in the future.

Outlining the values of NHS commitment to holistic universal heath care irrespective of gender, race or age, ability to pay or social status.

Initially, it addressed how smaller general hospitals should be merged but now goes on to say that previously smaller hospitals should have their services sustained by provision of new funding models. So come on people of Hartlepool, let’s back the Hartlepool Mail and its campaigners to bring the services that have been moved to North Tees back to Hartlepool where they belong.

Geoff Hare,