LETTER: Bad medicine for some

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When people feel low and experience mental troubles, it has become accepted that so-called experts in the psychiatric industry are the go-to people as the custodians of mental wellness.

However, for some people who see a psychiatrist, their mental troubles are, in my view, exacerbated after being diagnosed with spurious “disorders” and who then start taking prescribed psychiatric drugs.

In creating and promoting mental health awareness, it should be understood that undiagnosed physical conditions can and do manifest as so-called mental illnesses.

This is a datum that cannot be stressed enough.

It is a matter of sound medical fact that undiagnosed physical illness or injury can trigger emotional difficulties.

In summary, normal behaviour as well as everyday life problems have, in my opinion, been redefined as mental illnesses when, in fact, a physical examination could detect the cause of the problem, thus preventing the use of expensive, potentially dangerous drugs to supposedly “treat” the redefined conditions.

Taking the psychiatric route might be good for some, but, to me, it’s bad medicine for others.

Brian Daniels,

National spokesperson,

Citizens Commission on Human Rights (United Kingdom),

East Grinstead.