LETTER: Be aware of bowel cancer symptoms

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EVERYONE at Beating Bowel Cancer would like to thank all those who took part in our Decembeard fund-raising campaign last month.

We are delighted to announce that we have reached our target of £250,000.

This will help us to support people with bowel cancer and their families, and to raise awareness of the disease, its symptoms and the need for early diagnosis.

The aim of the campaign was to break down the stigma of talking about bowel cancer, which is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer.

More than 100 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every day. Yet more than 90 per cent of cases can be treated successfully if caught early.

So it’s vital that people become more aware of the symptoms so they can act quickly.

If anyone has any queries or concerns about bowel cancer they can call our nurse helpline on 0208 973 0011.

Mark Flannagan,


Beating Bowel Cancer

High Street,