LETTER: Better off under the Tories? What planet are you on?

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A Tory councillor stated that we could be much better off under the Tories – well, I am sorry, but which planet is this person on.

There is already a number of cuts planned on welfare.

That’s the deal and has always been the deal.

The welfare cuts will do nothing to sort out homelessness and hunger. They are just punishing the poor.

I am sure the next step will be to get rid of benefits altogether. God help us.

K Stoker,

via email

Why region votes Labour

When it comes to people in the North-East voting Labour, the answer is they all have long memories of the Tories under Margaret Thatcher.

She closed the shipyards, pits and factories.

I’ve voted Labour for 64 years.

Just walk around our villages in the North-East, they have shops boarded up, especially in Easington.

It was in the national papers that the Tories are going to put up the bedroom tax.

When George Osborne and David Cameron were in Hartlepool being interviewed, both of them wouldn’t answer the question about the one million people going to the food banks or give answers about the 90,000 unemployed people – the biggest in the country.

Mrs Grace Cassidy,

via email.

Wild flowers will be back

I am writing in reply to Beverley Glover’s letter (Mail, May 25) about the wild flowers on the central reservation on the A689. I can assure her there will be another fine display this year.

I was heading out of Hartlepool on May 21 and, to my delight, Hartlepool Borough Council workmen, with the aid of a tractor, appeared to be sowing the seeds for the flowers.

Last year it was a pleasure to drive in and out of town.

I’m sure it must have also impressed visitors.

Well done Hartlepool council.

On a different subject, I like the new format of the Mail.

Ernie Gowland,

Ayr Grove,


Treating A19 like race track

Why do some drivers treat the A19 like a race track?

The other day I was driving on the dual carriageway, near Dalton Piercy, and a car flew up behind me ( I was on the outside lane), cut inside and swerved back into the outside lane, and off.

Too fast, too impatient and too eager for an early grave.

B. Morgan,

Raby Road,