LETTER: Cameron’s decisions may lose him the election

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

DAVID Cameron’s proposed reforms on the EU Treaty are nothing short of a horse-trading venture at Brussels.

I doubt his proposal, to cut incoming immigrants’ credits to zero rather than limiting their numbers, will persuade his Brussels confidantes to agree to his proposals.

But it will certainly perturb the electorate and the back benchers of his party, to say the least.

These alleged reports indicate the reforms will not go anywhere near regaining our borders or regulating the incoming number of immigrants.

But it is a betrayal of promises made to reduce the number of immigrating individuals into Britain.

When Mr Cameron stated that he rules nothing out in his attempt to mollify his battle with Brussels over immigration, that statement was a double-edged sword which can cut both ways.

As a consortium of united countries, the EU needs Britain as we are not reliant on its internal funding, rather than the opposite – as past fines have proved to our cost.

Mr Cameron’s switch to benefit reduction rather than controlling numbers may be his Achilles heel.

As many of his party now think.

The change may lose the Tory Party the coming general election.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,