LETTER: Ched Evans deserves a second chance

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I WOULD like to comment on the Ched Evans controversy and the recent outburst by our local MP, Iain Wright.

I honestly thought that everybody deserved a second chance in life.

Even though the case is still pending an appeal.

I know of at least three cases where footballers have been sent to prison and resumed their careers following their sentence.

Luke McCormack, goalkeeper, involved in an incident resulting in two deaths of children.

Also the cases involving Lee Hughes and Marlon King.

The above were allowed to come back into football.

What is the difference between the above and Ched Evans?

If any craftsman went to prison he would not be stopped from doing his work.

Regarding the “heinous crime” as quoted by Mr Wright, the biggest crime in this town was allowing the University Hospital of Hartlepool to run down and virtually close.

Especially after Health Secretary John Reid stated in 2004 that the hospital would close “over my dead body.”

Alan Robinson,

Sandringham Road,