LETTER: Close this immigration loophole

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AT last the truth will out for all to read.

Migrants’ benefits “built my home”.

Thank you for the free cash from Britain, said Romanian Ion Lazar.

He is busy building a three-bedroomed house, using home labour in Romania, for his wife and three children while he is working here in England as a part-time scrap dealer.

Unfortunately for our Inland Revenue he is not earning enough to pay tax.

His children, living in Romania, are entitled to £1,700 a month in benefits welfare.

With this generous amount he can put aside enough money to complete the building of his home.

Hopefully, he envisages a further £60,000 accumulation when the house is complete.

And who can blame him?

It’s legal.

This bold statement has blown the lid off our pro-immigration lobby, that the vast influx of migrants is good for the economy.

The present system is methodically and relentlessly cheating British taxpayers out of millions of pounds.

It’s still ongoing and should be stopped now.

Come on, Iain Duncan Smith, another loophole for you to close.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,