LETTER: Could the Headland become a Labour fortress?

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.
Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.

IF I hadn’t read it in John Marshall’s letter (Mail, March 16) I would never have believed it.

Iain Wright actually set foot on the Headland.

Still, with the ward boundary changes, we now have three Labour Hartlepool Borough councillors, who can take him around.

I guess they are now hoping to turn it into a Labour fortress.

Could Mr Wright be running scared, I ask myself?

But this is Hartlepool, where he knows that, like at the last General Election – when more people voted against him than for him – he will still get re-elected.

First past the post, when, in my opinion, much more worthy candidates, split the vote.

Don’t feel too isolated John.

He won’t be knocking on my door either, as I have heard that he has crossed my name off his Christmas card list.

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,