LETTER: Council’s hospital letter was excellent

The University Hospital of Hartlepool
The University Hospital of Hartlepool

HAVING read the letter written by Hartlepool Borough Council to The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, regarding the deplorable state of our once five star-rated University Hospital of Hartlepool and lack of life-saving services.

I would like to congratulate them on an excellent letter, and only hope that Jeremy Hunt responds accordingly.

In my opinion, Alan Foster and Paul Garvin have shown no respect to the people of Hartlepool, and will not admit they got it wrong.

I only hope that, God forbid, no more lives are lost, or undue patient suffering endured due to lack of services or poor ambulance response times.

I would encourage anyone or any family who feel they have been wronged to take legal action against the trust.

As was stated in the public meeting in the Town Hall, the land, which the hospital is built on, belongs to the people of Hartlepool.

It should remain that way, and not be sold to some property developer to build more unnecessary houses.

A fully-functioning, fully-staffed A&E department is what we need, along with the return of the appropriate services that were randomly stripped and disseminated to the University Hospital of North Tees.

That hospital is totally inappropriate for the people of Hartlepool and surrounding areas, should they be in need of emergency treatment or hospitalisation.

The sooner these services are returned to Hartlepool the better.

Geoff Hare,

Kingsley Avenue,