LETTER: Cut the waste, writes Ukip candidate

UNDER SCRUTINY: Are wind turbines a waste?
UNDER SCRUTINY: Are wind turbines a waste?

WE have a government and opposition that are united in having the wrong priorities.

We need a fairer economy where we help the people who are struggling and ensure the big companies pay their fair share of tax.

Out of 29 MPs in North East, 24 are Labour.

Yet what good have they done for our region?

The North-East has the highest unemployment in the country at 9.2 per cent.

We have had wage stagnation for over 10 years under both Labour and Tory governments. It’s about time we made some of these lazy and complacent Labour MPs unemployed.

We need some new people in Westminster who will actually fight for different priorities and for working people across the region.

It’s not just about how much money you spend, it’s about what you spend the money on. We, in Ukip, are clear as to what our economic priorities are. We would have no tax on minimum wage by raising the tax threshold to £13,500.

We would scrap the bedroom tax and cut green taxes, which would give people real money in their pockets instead of being wasted by the Government.

Ukip would investigate a turnover tax for big corporations to ensure that we stop tax avoidance. We would prioritise our frontline services - the NHS, police, armed forces and fire services.

We would do this by cutting the wasteful and non-priority areas which the three old parties think are untouchable.

Let’s cut the foreign aid budget, EU contributions, wind turbines, HS2 and quangos.

Phillip Broughton,

Ukip Prospective Parliamentary for Hartlepool,

Middleton Road,