LETTER: Dangling a few carrots before the election

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AS the election is almost upon us, and the question of immigration is of great concern to most people, I wonder if we may dare to expect a grown-up attitude on the subject from the main parties.

In the past anyone who has dared to express a view which opposed wholesale immigration has been hysterically denounced as racist, fruit cakes or nut cases by our idiotic leaders.

Who will forget the crass Gordon Brown having the nerve to call an old lady a “bigot” because she mentioned immigration as one of her concerns?

The present Government has broken all promises to safeguard the National Health Service, hold a referendum on Europe, restrict immigration, and so on.

It is now dangling a few carrots, before the Election.

Of course there is very little difference between the main parties.

They all seem hell-bent on changing our country beyond all recognition, and I think for the worse.

I would like to see a return to freedom of speech and expression.

Will it happen?

I won’t be holding my breath.

Les Hester,

Belmont Gardens,