LETTER: David Cameron should lead us out of Europe

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WILL he or won’t he?

That is the question.

Cameron’s angry stance over the controversial £1.7bn payment to Brussels was, to say the least, heart-warming for a large number of British taxpayers.

At last, a sample of real irony in Cameron’s persona.

It was not staged but absolutely genuine, a joy to behold.

Although the sum was supposedly technically correct by law in statisticians’ calculations, it was the abruptness of the demand which annoyed Cameron, and the curt refusal to compromise.

The Assembly in Brussels has repeatedly shown little regard for our problems, simply because we are a very successful and well-ordered country.

In retaliation, Cameron should gather together all the figures we have paid into the EU coffers for, say, the past five years, then add up the subsidies we have had in return.

Then confront the Assembly with the deficit.

To conclude, he could outline all the stupid laws they have imposed on us, costing millions of pounds, and the damage they have brought to our country.

His final broadside should be that we are not paying this money now or ever.

It is simply not worth being a member of this institution, we are leaving.

Should the EU take us through the international courts, the time and costs would be so astronomic the EU would bankrupt itself.

I am sure that certain member states, already disenchanted with EU meddling, would follow Cameron’s stance.

Should this be the case, the EU would collapse through its own avarice.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,