LETTER: Disappointed with Desden anniversary coverage

I WAS rather disenchanted by the BBC coverage of the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden during the Second World War.

Yes, it was a holocaust of tremendous magnitude and thousands of innocent people perished.

However at times of war harsh decisions have to be made, and desperate measures taken.

The results of this raid on the German city marked the ultimate end of the Second World War.

Perhaps the BBC conveniently forgot what the Germans had in mind by endlessly bombing London, not to mention the almost annihilation of Coventry by the Luftwaffe.

Their main objective was the complete domination and destruction of England under the heel of fascism.

Luckily it wasn’t to be, and the BBC should remember this.

I was in Coventry soon after the raids while serving in the RAF.

I remember picking our way through the rubble, searching for an oxygen-making plant which had been spared the bombing.

I can vouch for the devastation.

A constant supply of oxygen was required in the aircraft for high altitude flying, the provision of which was vital.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,