LETTER: Don’t be distracted while driving

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THE Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is warning drivers about the dangers of misusing in-car entertainment.

It says if you connect your iPod or phone to your car to listen to music, make sure you have connected the device before you set off.

Also avoid changing songs while driving.

A multi-function steering wheel can be used to adjust the volume or change CDs.

If you have this facility use it where possible as it will help reduce distraction.

Also, having music playing too loudly can also take your mind off the task of driving.

Avoid playing music that makes you drive faster – tunes with a strong, driving beat might make you speed up without realising it is happening.

Where children get quickly bored on long journeys, a rear-seat DVD player can keep them occupied.

But make sure they have a set of headphones so the sound doesn’t distract the driver.

Also, although a Bluetooth feature is available in most modern cars, we strongly advise you don’t use it to talk when you’re driving – research tells us that this is a major distraction.

Peter Rodger,

Chief examiner,

Institute of Advanced Motorists.

• IAM is the UK’s largest independent road safety charity.