LETTER: Driving advice for the summer

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With the summer finally here, making long journeys in hot weather can be stressful.

We recommend good preparation and journey planning to help you cope.

Take a good supply of drinking water with you, preferably in a cool bag.

Check your engine, in particular make sure your oil and coolant levels are correct.

Do not leave children (or pets) in the car, even for short periods.

If you do get stuck in traffic, keep an eye on the temperature gauge for signs of overheating. If necessary, find somewhere safe to pull over and let the car cool down.

If it’s not safe to pull over, turning on the heater may help take some heat off the engine.

GEM Motoring Assist chief executive David Williams


When nations start meeting

When the sword is returned to its scabbard,

And the hand releases the hilt.

When the eyes cease to gleam like a tiger,

And the will to wage war turns to guilt.

When the sounds of artillery and bombing

Are drowned by the cries of the people.

Condemning war and demanding peace,

As church bells ring out in the steeple.

When nations start meeting and greeting,

Importing and exchanging their views.

When lease lend is not profit-making,

And the sick need not line up in queues.

When the sun shines on a happy half world,

While the other half’s peacefully sleeping.

And its countenance reaches out into space,

Displaying a warm welcome and greeting.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,


Familiar faces

With reference to the Memory Lane photograph of West Hartlepool CC in the 1950s, I believe the man in the foreground is T V Oldfield.

He was probably president at the time.

I think he was mayor of the town at some time too.

In the second row (left to right) the men are second team captain Noel Stonehouse and Arthur Webb-Jones, a surgeon at Hartlepools Hospital.

Slightly below Arthur is H V Lund, who eventually became president of the club.

Then there is E N Harrison. On his right is a face I recognise but I have forgotten the name.

Just below Noel is, I believe, his wife.

To the left of Arthur Webb-Jones I believe is E N Harrison’s wife. I don’t recognise the others.

I played cricket at Park Drive in 1948 after Army service for a few years, before retiring in my mid 30s.

G Hall,

Broomhill Gardens,