LETTER: E-cigarettes are much less unhealthy

Astill from the VIP e-cigarettes TV advertisement.
Astill from the VIP e-cigarettes TV advertisement.

NOT a day goes by when I do not receive a letter or email from constituents asking me to support the growth of e-cigarettes, and oppose domestic and EU attempts to slow down and over-regulate the industry.

From my experience with my constituents here in the North-East, it is clear that e-cigarettes help a large number of people escape from long-term cigarette addictions.

Even though some non-smokers will inevitably take up e-cigarettes, surely this is preferable to taking up smoking?

It would be better to smoke neither, but e-cigarettes are much less unhealthy.

I understand that people have misgivings over televised adverts for e-cigarettes.

However, can we really be sure that banning such TV adverts would not unintentionally lead to higher levels of smoking regular cigarettes?

Jonathan Arnott, MEP,

UK Independence Party, North East region,

Elwick Road,