LETTER: Evil spirits attacking our world

EVIL spirits have attacked our world for a long, long time.

They are clever, cunning spirits that try to destroy our spirit.

I believe that we were once monkeys, and very similar.

The World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) says we are still 98.2 per cent the same as a monkey.

I believe we slowly became cavemen and continued to evolve through many different stages to where we are today.

I would say some of today’s lifestyle is a lot more luxurious and materialistic than we really want.

Without knowing we, as a country, have slowly accumulated creature comforts that are not essential.

Clever, evil spirits have given us things, luxuries, we don’t really want.

This means, to a certain extent, we have lifestyles partly created by the devil – an evil spirit.

I would say this partly explains some of the problems our world has today.

A friend told me about a book, called Stuffocation, which I believe sort of explains what material things can do to our lives, our light, our true selves.

I think some things are not as essential as we are led to believe.

We are in a position where we can let go of things.

We can turn things around, head back to a simpler, less materialistic, more spiritual lifestyle.

I think we, in Hartlepool and the rest of the country, should do it.

B Pounder,

Harcourt Street,