LETTER: Fasting risk to Islamic diabetics

This can be challenging for anyone, but even more so for people with diabetes.

People with diabetes are not required to fast during Ramadan, but those who choose to do so need to take particular care as fasting for this length of time will increase the risk of their blood glucose levels rising or falling, which can be very dangerous, and of them becoming dehydrated.

If you have chosen to fast, please remember it is important to eat foods that are slowly absorbed by the body – like basmati rice, chapattis and dhal – before sunrise and after sunset as they can help you to feel full for longer.

Also, keep an eye on portion size – though it may seem like a good idea to eat a larger meal, this could increase your blood glucose levels.

Though some people believe that testing their blood glucose level will automatically break their fast, this isn’t true.

In fact, it’s important to check your blood glucose levels more often than normal given that the risk of them rising or falling is increased during fasting.

For further information on Ramadan please visit www.diabetes.org.uk/ramadan

If you have any questions regarding fasting or about diabetes generally, contact Diabetes UK’s Careline on 0845 120 2960 or visit www.diabetes.org.uk/careline

Stephen Ryan,

Diabetes UK regional manager.

Waiting with baited breath

Like most Pools fans, I wait with baited breath to see how the change of ownership will affect our team.

Let us hope they want big things for the club.

Kay Smythe,


Poem: Saving money for the NHS

We have to save money for the NHS if we wish it to pass the time test.

For a start, I would like to say,

No more agency nurses will save money straight away.

Then stop paying big sums to management,.

That is two things I would implement.

Then I would find things like bed pans that are easy to make,

and set up a manufacturing factory in the middle of the country,

To save on transportation cost too.

Plus it would be better for the environment ... true.

Plus I would make things like needles too,

Or anything else the hospitals need regularly.

Plus buy in bulk things like blankets and anything else hospitals need.

So all the best from me to thee.

I hope you like my poetry.