LETTER: Fed up of immigration ‘bombardment’

THE British public are sick to death of being constantly bombarded through the media about the inefficiency of uncontrolled immigration.

Then they have to witness broken promises given by the main political parties of solutions to that problem, to curb or prevent future numbers.

Nothing ever happens to the contrary.

What has now come to light is that no background checks have been carried out on those immigrants already given the right to enter into Britain.

British citizenship has been doled out willy-nilly to many of the thousands already established in Britain as residents, regardless of their previous lifestyles in the country of their origin.

Britain has enough dodgy characters to begin with without encompassing the dregs of Europe into our society, enabling them to carry out their evil malpractices on the innocent of our country, furtively and with stealth.

New Labour opened the gate on free movement between European countries.

But this incident happened on the Tory watch and is unacceptable, even in today’s miss-mash of immigration issues.

Too many immigrants too soon is a problem, flooding our existing criminal fraternity by a lack of control at entry points.

It’s a step beyond the fringe to say the least, and a shame on the department concerned.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,