LETTER: Fed up with the EU and bureaucracy

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MR CAMERON’S bold approach to our immigration problem has been squashed by a dictatorial statement by José Manuel Barroso.

He maintained that free movement of labour is at the heart of the EU Treaty and is not negotiable.

What David Cameron should have replied to that comment was how would the EU’s economy function if Britain decided to quit the EU, leaving a hole of £17m a day in its economy?

Especially as the EU is struggling with monetary issues to date.

Proof of its poor cash flow lies in the demand for Britain to fork out an added £1bn or so in contributions.

Two other countries, Holland and Italy, are included in the demand, while France is getting a rebate of one billion euros.

Mr Cameron is already at the crossroads of a dilemma over immigration.

Labour is dithering about a quota system.

What really is the issue after Señor Barrosa’s statement is that a referendum should be imminent as negotiations with the EU are not possible.

The British public should be given the opportunity to voice their opinions.

That, in itself, would finally settle the issue on immigration, housing, welfare, and how and where we deposit our hard-earned cash.

The electorate are fed up with the EU and its bureaucracy. Unfortunately that won’t happen.

Mr Cameron hasn’t got the stomach or the tenacity to recommend such a brave and heroic political gamble.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,