LETTER: German prisoner taught me his language

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MAM and I lived at my granddad’s house whilst the war was on.

As my granddad was retired, he went to help at a local farm called Ogle’s on Easington Road.

At that time there were some German prisoners of war working there and they were only young, so granddad took pity on one of them and used to bring him home sometimes.

He was called Henry and only about 17 years old.

He started to teach my friend and I German!

They seemed to stay on there quite a while because when my dad returned from the war he and Henry used to always be talking.

I think they had much to share and lots in common.

In fact Henry kept in touch with granddad and my Auntie Betty till they passed away.

My other memory about that time was when all the troops were returning home and my mam and I went to meet my dad at Hartlepool railway station.

When the train came in it was packed with airmen, soldiers and sailors.

Although I was in the middle of all these men I spotted my dad and ran along the platform. All the troops were banging their hands on the side of the train as they were afraid I would fall off the platform onto the track.

Elizabeth Quest,

Mount Pleasant,