LETTER: Give us the MPs’ wage rise

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I was disappointed to hear that our MPs will receive a £7,000 pay increase, particularly as Parliament imposes wage freezes and austerity on its constituents.

Perhaps any MPs troubled by their consciences could urge Parliament to award this cash to not only themselves but to everyone else in the form of a Citizens’ Income?

This is a fiscally-neutral solution to stagnant growth, our punitive benefits system, replacement for the State pension and ending poverty.

Increased growth and streamlining of the welfare system due to a Citizens’ Income would reduce both the deficit and the ever-expanding national debt.

Those who dismiss the notion of a Citizens’ Income offer zero sensible argument apart from the sad accusation that it would reward the “feckless”.

Maybe we could all enjoy the same number of holidays, shorter working week and pension as MPs too?

Parliament could also consider another Great Reform Act in honour of Charles Kennedy to deal with the UK’s creaking constitution, electoral and parliamentary system.

Jim Spencer,

Merlin Way,